Friday, March 04, 2011

Oh, where do I begin?

There is a major institute of higher learning just outside of Chicago. Like many schools, it has classes on, and a department that studies, human sexuality. After class, 100 of the 600 students enrolled in class stayed after for a not-mandatory, completely voluntary discussion with a pair of self-described Kinky People (or KPs). The conversation turned to bondage and female sexuality. the KPs insists that it can be efficient and gratifying for women, and they hope they could remove the stigma that bondage is painful, violent or unpleasant.


At this point, the male KP laid out a towel as the female KP undressed. She laid down on the towel. The male KP took out a phallus attached to a fast-moving power tool and used it on the female KP. The female KP was quite pleased with this demonstration, which she hoped would prove that sex toys often considered outside the main stream can be fun for women.

While none of the students complained, and no one has implied that either of the KPs were there under duress, someone tipped off the press. The story has been all over the newspapers. The KPs have been photographed (clothed, thank God) and giving interviews.


Mr. KP works at my agency! On a major account -- though, blessedly, not the one I work on. Naturally it's an account with headquarters right here so our clients likely have seen the coverage of Mr. KP's "class work." It wasn't that long ago (2/08) that my agency received tons of unwanted media attention because one of our executives took a header out of a high-rise window into Friday rush hour traffic. Now this. Isn't the Recession enough? Do we need this, too?

It's one thing for the KPs to have participated in this demonstration. The college is internationally recognized and they may have truly believed they were helping people better understand human sexuality. Fair enough. I'm not going to judge them for that.

BUT GIVING INTERVIEWS? Really, people? The college was more than willing to keep the KPs identity secret. But no, they came forward. What were they thinking?

I have been alternately laughing and shaking my head about this all day.

Oh well, at least it's taken my mind off Charlie Sheen.

I went over again this week

I have exceeded my Monday through Friday calorie limit already, and I still have one day to go. Observing my food diary I see two glaring problems -- I have had only two, 30-minute workouts this week and that hasn't burned up enough calories, certainly not enough to make up for all the chocolate I consumed Tuesday.

Bad Gal! It's not worth it, it's really not. And I must remember that.