Tuesday, February 09, 2016

It's got a name!

Post infectious IBS. That's what I have! It's such a relief to know what it is and how we're going to treat it.

Seems my gut has been battered by my bout with c. diff, leaving my digestive tract super sensitive and out of whack. Instead of being infected or irritated, it's rather bruised. I'm recovering more slowly than the average c. diff sufferer, but this is not unheard of. The doctor says I should add foods back to my diet slowly, take Imodium when I need it, keep up with the probiotic, and within the next two weeks, this should be a memory. YEA!

At that point, just to make sure everything is A-OK, I need to have my second-ever colonoscopy. I am not thrilled by this prospect. Not because of the procedure itself -- it's really much ado about nothing. But because it's a day off work and I have to figure out how to get home from the hospital (as they won't just let me leave and get into a cab).

I'm very glad to have seen the specialist today. It's taken 48 days, three doctors, and four tests (with another in the offing),  but finally I'm on the track to wellness.