Monday, May 14, 2012


This week's challenge: Using between 33 and 333 words, write a response including the third definition of the word: 
A Valentine for WLS-FM

“The True Oldies Channel!” 94.7 on her dial. That’s her go-to when she hurts. It doesn’t matter if she’s coping with one trouble or twenty. The Top 40 of days gone by can help cure what ails her.

Today it's cash flow that drives her to the radio. The paycheck she received on the 15th simply won’t stretch all the way to the 30th. She hadn't foreseen an increase in her annual homeowner’s insurance premium hitting at the same time her cat needed his 3-year rabies vaccination. If she had squandered her money on couture or cosmopolitans, it wouldn't feel this bad. But the expenses that vex her are mundane and it really weighs her down.

Still checkbook math is easier to master with while listening to the travails of that sailor sweetheart, Brandy, the one who's a fine girl. It’s comforting to know that singing Jenny-Jenny’s phone number – 867-5309 – still makes her smile.

She has no idea what Tommy Tutone looks like today. She can’t name a single member of Looking Glass. Yet just now they seem like dear friends and she is very grateful to them. When she hears them, she feels happier, more hopeful and even a little more capable.