Friday, September 06, 2019

My molar is gone


This summer, my crown on my top left molar popped off. It didn't hurt -- I'd had a root canal decades ago -- but it left a massive hole. Because I was in no discomfort, I was surprised when my dentist refused to pull the tooth. He referred me to an oral surgeon that he thinks the world of. But he warned me -- Dr. Fred is a great doctor, but his office staff leaves something to be desired.

No shit! When I first made the appointment, this office admin and I discussed a date, a time and my insurance coverage. They asked me to call my dentist and have him send over x-rays. I was relieved everything was going so smoothly.

In mid-July, about ten days before the procedure, I called Dr. Fred's office. The office admin didn't recall me and had no appointment for me scheduled. After a few minutes of incredibly awkward conversation, she did say that they had received an x-ray from my dentist back in June. I was starting to lose faith in these people, and then I recalled what my dentist said. "Dr. Fred is a great doctor, but his office staff leaves something to be desired."

Well, Wednesday I finally had my appointment. Dr. Fred is a great doctor. Very gentle, very thorough in his explanation of both the operation and what to expect, post-op. And he played the Beatles throughout the procedure!

It turns out my dentist refused to do the procedure because my molar roots came so very close to my sinuses. But this is what Dr. Fred does, so my sinuses are safe.

I'm still feeling crappy today (Friday). Rundown and a little confused. I think it's the antibiotic/painkiller mix. I took my air purifier apart to clean the filter and couldn't figure out how to reassemble it. I've had that sucker for years and have cleaned it over and over, about a dozen times. But all of a sudden, I'm befuddled! Blame it on the Tylenol and codeine.

First, the good news

I haven't been posting much lately because I've been overwhelmed by events, which I will try to get down here today. But, because I love the joke about the kid who finds a pile of manure and begins happily digging because, "there must be a pony in here somewhere," I will lead with the pony.

My air conditioner doesn't need to be replaced! At least not now. About a month ago, the big, through-the-wall unit in the living room started rebelling. It cools fine, but when I shut it off, it kept running. The fan just kept murmuring. I had to unplug the unit.

Yesterday, the HVAC guy came by to look at it. Of course, it worked like a charm when he was here! But after poking around in there, he discovered that the digital thermostat was stuck. He jiggled something and talked to a parts distributor on the phone and then explained it all to me. I almost understood it. Here goes:

Moisture can cause mess with the control board and cause the thermostat to stick. What he did yesterday may have fixed it. It may not have fixed it. Usually he guarantees his work, but he didn't yesterday because he can't be sure without removing the "main board." And you should only remove the "main board" when you replace it.

But here's the thing. Even if the thermostat sticks again, and the fan continues to run after I shut it off ... so what? Obviously it's indicative that something is wrong with the "main board," but it could still operate that way, effectively if not efficiently, for months.

And if I decide to replace the "main board" -- which he kinda sorta recommends but not enthusiastically -- it will only $225 to order and install. A new unit would cost about $700. HVAC guy isn't sure it's worth $225 to get another summer out of it, and then have to buy another one in 2021 anyway.

So the final takeaway is that I don't have to do anything right now, and when it comes to doing nothing, I'm your girl! Plus I only had to spend $68 to get to where I am. I consider that a win.