Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry, merry, merry

I will likely be away from the keyboard for the rest of the week. But, considering what an important week this is, I wanted to wish everyone (commenters and lurkers alike) a very merry Christmas from the bottom of my Cubbie blue heart.

On Day 21, we go up, up and away!

Day 21: Do you travel on the holidays?

ON the holidays? No. A few days before and immediately after. Tomorrow (gulp!) I'll be landing in Key West and I'm returning on Saturday.

Key West International Airport really does require you take stairs off the plane and walk outdoors to the terminal. Those figures surrounding the Southernmost marker are called "New Friends" by sculptor John Seward Johnson, whose work appears on the island. Key West is a quirky place, and the airport is part of its charm.

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