Sunday, May 12, 2024

Sunday Stealing

Happy Mother's Day from Sunday Stealing

1.    Write about the best decision you ever made. How did you make it? Was it reasoning or gut instinct? Probably the good decision that's had the greatest impact was, when I was a secretary, to take the test to become a Sears catalog copywriter. I had no training to be a writer. But I passed -- apparently I was on the bubble but received the benefit of the doubt by one of my prospective bosses -- and it opened the door to my 43-year career, introduced me to forever friends, gave me access to retirement savings and good insurance coverage. How did I make it? With a hand at the small of my back, pushing me. Celeste was one of Sears first female marketing executives. She saw something in me and literally put the test in my hand. I've tried to pay it forward, like she did.

This is how I got my start

2.    What ONE thing would you change about your life? How would your life be different? I wish I was as focused and motivated domestically as I've always been professionally. I'd have a Martha-Stewart-worthy home.

3.    What is the hardest thing you have ever done? Why was it hard for you? What did you learn? Accepting what I can't change. I can be quite willful. Learning that I can't have the impact/influence I wish to on the lives of those I love has been hard. I try to remind myself of a Bible verse: "We are the clay, you are the potter, we are the work of your hand." So my friends are the clay, God is the potter, and I really have no place in the equation, do I? (BUT I WANT TO!)

4.    What is your greatest hope for your future? What steps can you take to make it happen? Right now, I'm ramping up to do my part as a citizen in the November election. I believe Joe Biden is our nation's greatest hope for the future.

5.    If you can time travel, what will you tell your teenage self? It's not you, it's them. You're just fine as you are.

6.    Write about the most glorious moment in your life so far.

My dad watched or listened to every Cub game he could. My favorite grandmother did, too, and loved Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg. My icky grandma complained endlessly (calling Cubs announcer Jack Brickhouse "Brickhead"), but she watched. My favorite uncle read the Cubs magazine Vineline every month. Yet I'm the one who got to see this moment in 2016. I got to celebrate the first Cubs World Series win in 108 years. In my heart, I shared it with them. It was truly glorious.

7.    What did you struggle most with today? Grief. For all practical purposes, I lost my friend Henry forever in December when his brain surgery didn't bring us the wished-for results and now he is in a Ft. Lauderdale nursing home, convinced it's Puerto Rico ca. 1990. He no longer has any idea who I am or what we meant to each other. Then, in April, I lost my best friend of 40 years, John, who died after a stroke and heart attack combo platter. I loved these men and they loved me. They were closer to me than my blood relatives. I have moments every day when I'm fine, and then it's like a flip suddenly switches and I am most definitely not fine. I am a strong woman, but that is a lot of loss to sustain in less than six months.

8.    What made you happy today? My Connie Cat is curled up next to me as I answer these questions. I never want to take the love of my cats for granted. Her affection and trust are such a gift. (Roy Hobbs, too!)

9.    What did you dislike most about growing up? It's Mother's Day, and I'd rather not dwell on this.

10.    Write about 3 activities you love the most and why you love them. I love to read, watch movies, and cuddle my cats. I love them because they bring joy to my life every day.

11.    What has been your best trip so far? This was the view from our Christmas lunch in 2021. It was my last Key West Christmas with Henry and so it has a special place in my heart.

12.    Write a list of 3 things (physical or personality-wise) you love about yourself, and why they make you unique. I am funny, I am smart, and I have aged well. 

13.    Discuss 3 things you wish others knew about you. I only have one: I think sometimes my friends think I'm tougher than I am. Right now I am suffering -- Of course I am! I've lost two brothers in less than six months! -- but I'm not sure those close to me get it. Just because I sound fine when you happen to call doesn't mean I am fine. I could use a little more attention/compassion. I realize, though, that it's easier for me to write about this here than it is to ask for help in real life, and that's on me.

14.    Write about your top 3 personal strengths. I can take what life hands me, I find the humor in most things, every day I try to live in a way that would please God.

15.    Is social media a blessing or a curse? It depends upon how we use it. Which is true of most things in life.