Wednesday, May 06, 2020

I miss the pear salad!

Stumbled on this photo in The Sun Times and it touched my heart. How well I know that corner! How often I made my way down Randolph, past the State of Illinois building, juggling purse and briefcase, checking my watch, upset at myself for being late but confident my friend Barb would be later. The hostess station and bar at 312 were always buzzing, and the popularity of the show next store at the Cadillac Palace determined whether it was packed or not. Upstairs -- just above the "walk" light -- the seating is more spacious and the view is nicer but downstairs, the service was faster. Since we always ate here before a show, I learned to specify a table downstairs when I called for reservation and to never check my coat or bags. That allowed a faster getaway to make the 7:30 curtain.

The mixed drinks were potent. I only ever had one to Barb's two glasses of wine. And my favorite dish there? The pear salad! I'm not a massive salad fan, but I loved this one. It was so pretty, with the walnuts and cranberries arranged just so around the pears on top of the lettuce and spinach leaves. The white china plate was full and about the size of an old vinyl LP. That pear salad was always the healthiest thing I ate all week.

The only two people in this photo are blocks in the distance, and that's what's wrong with this picture. I miss busy sidewalks and people watching. I miss gossiping about office politics with Barb. I miss seeing big musical numbers performed live. I miss having someone design a beautiful plate for me. I miss downtown.

How different our lives would be today if President Trump had behaved responsibly back in January! Read this and remember it in November.

May Music Meme -- Day 6

A song that makes you want to dance. Ba de ah!  (Play along! Click here for prompts.)