Friday, November 25, 2022

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Two Black Cadillacs (2011)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song is about two women who share a very dark secret. Are you good at keeping secrets? Nope.

2) Carrie Underwood's favorite author is Stephen King. In fact, she credits King's Christine as an inspiration for this song. Have you read much Stephen King, or seen movies based on his books? I think Carrie is the only one I've read. I've seen more of movies based on his books (Carrie, Misery, Delores Claiborne).

3) Carrie first came to America's attention when she won on American Idol. Prior to competing on that show, she'd never been on an airplane. Crazy Sam takes at least one round-trip flight every year and pays using the miles she accumulated from credit card purchases throughout the year. Do you try to earn miles, points, or cash back when you make purchases? Yes. I'm a miles junkie. I hope to pay for this April's round-trip flight to Hollywood for the TCM Film Festival with miles.

4) Black is this week's signature color because November 25 was Black Friday, when retailers historically have slashed their prices and the holiday shopping season begins. Have you begun your gift shopping? I shop all year around, and I believe I'm done.

5) Black Friday began as a local event initiated by store owners in Philadelphia back in the early 1960s. When you think of Philadelphia, what comes to mind? Kyle Schwarber. He was one of the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, and he almost got a second ring with the Phillies this year.

6) Black Friday always comes after Thanksgiving, a day of feasting. What was the best dish at your holiday table this year? The butternut squash and apple casserole.

7) Thanksgiving is also a big day for watching football. Did you watch any games? Nope.

8) What are you thankful for this year? I seem to be on the mend. I've had some health challenges this year, but it looks like I'm getting better.

9) Random question: You're in a public restroom and have a choice between paper towels and a hot air hand dryer. Which do you choose? Paper towels every time. They dry more thoroughly.


If there isn't a photo, did it happen?

I donned a beige and black striped blouse I've never worn before and real shoes (not tennies) for our Thanksgiving feast. My friend John noticed and commented. I think part of why he enjoys our Thanksgiving is that he can see me in something other than a Cubs t-shirt.

John and Gregory spent part of last week with Gregory's siblings. Bro and Sis were in town not for Thanksgiving but to visit a relative who is failing. It occurred to me when the three of us were blabbing that we spent a lot of time talking about Medicare (all three of us), medical maladies (me and John), sick and/or dying relatives (John and Gregory). 40 years ago, when I first met these guys, it was all about new music and clubs. Now it's Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement.

We ordered the pre fixe Thanksgiving menu:

•  Butternut squash bisque (Gregory had the green salad)

•  Roast turkey with cornbread dressing 

•  Mashed potatoes

•  Butternut squash/apple casserole (my favorite part of the meal)

•  Green beans and sliced carrots

•  Pumpkin pie

All for $40! I had expected it to be less food at a higher price point, what with all doom-and-gloom inflation news. The only concession I noticed the restaurant made was they axed the promised cranberry sauce and didn't replace it.

I also had a margarita (my first alcohol in a month -- until I got an OK from my doctor I didn't touch the stuff) and John had two Heinekens. 

For my birthday, John gave me a filmography of Katharine Hepburn. I could tell it was from the marked-down bin but that's fine. The Great Kate is still my favorite and he remembered that. The photos and reproductions of the original movie posters are lovely.

As I got into my Lyft, I realized that again this year, there was no photo of our Friendsgiving. I'm so used to posting pics this made me feel bad.

But it shouldn't. I'm thankful that we had fun, that we had each other, that we have such history, and that our bellies were full. That's enough.

That's a lot.