Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thursday Thirteen #285

13 things I'm thankful for. 

1. My movie group. I joined to learn more about classic film. I'm surprised by and grateful for the important the personal relationships I've made there. 

2. My old friends. The people I've met through movie group are new friends. But John (1981) and my oldest friend (1963) have been with me all along, through all of it.

3. Facebook and Blogger. Yeah, I know, everyone slags social media. But used correctly, it keeps us connected and I treasure that. If you're reading this, I appreciate you, too!

4. My aunt and my cousin. My aunt (dad's sister) and my cousin (my mom's cousin, actually) exasperate me. They are two old Florida ladies, set in their ways. But they both love me. They are the last two people alive who held me as a baby! I am so lucky to have their genuine, enduring affection.

5.  My niece and nephew. I have made a difference in their lives, which is gratifying, and they are a constant joy to me.

6. My test results. My pancreas is fine. My liver issue is manageable. I'm OK, and I'm so grateful.

7. My faith. My relationship with God is personal, but it guides me and will ultimately save me.

8. My imagination. I seldom get bored. That is such a gift.

9. My DVR. There's always something on in my home.

10. Music. It reliably lifts my spirit.

11. Severance, unemployment and Social Security. These safety nets give me time and space to decompress and decide what I'm going to do with my next chapter ... without touching my retirement accounts.

12. Baseball. The crack of the bat is the through line from my past, the present and the future.

13. These last two are forever connected in my heart.

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