Tuesday, May 03, 2022


 WWW. WEDNESDAY asks three questions to prompt you to speak bookishly. To participate, and to see how other book lovers responded, click here.  

1. What are you currently reading? Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and The Marriage of the Century by Sam Kashner and Nancy Shoenberger. It's not often that non-fiction offers 500+ pages of delicious escape, but this one does. There's sex and sin, jewels and yachts, addiction and Oscars. And love. Scrape away the excess -- and these two defined wretched excess -- and you have a love story.

This is a reread, and I can't wait to dive back into all the excitement and glamour.

2. What did you just finish reading? Not a Happy Family by Shari Lapena. Fred Merton was a self-made multimillionaire. His diamond-studded wife, Sheila, created a home and family for him that looked ideal. From the outside. What went on inside the Merton home looked less like Norman Rockwell and more like Salvador Dali. When Fred and Sheila are found brutally murdered, the police focus on the family. What they uncover is shocking.

Wowwowwow. This thriller will keep you on the end of your seat to the very last page. Even after the killer is revealed, there's another twist to come. Really, stay with it to end.

3. What will you read next? I don't know.