Sunday, October 29, 2023

RIP, Matthew Perry


Like Joey, I'll miss him

Chandler Bing got me through some tough times. In 2020, when I had covid and was scared ... ten years ago, when I was recovering from surgery and in discomfort ... those Friends marathons were a genuine comfort.

This past spring I read his memoir. It was unflinching and brave, and I admire him for writing it. He put a familiar and well-loved face on the disease of addiction.

This morning I'm more than sad. I'm angry. Conspiracy theorists are blaming his untimely death on -- wait for it -- the Covid vax. As though 40 years of alcohol abuse, 25 years of pills and a tobacco habit so powerful he was allowed to chain-smoke in the hospital didn't damage his heart, the vaccination did.

Matthew Perry wanted to be remembered as someone who helped people battling toward sobriety. To those who want to exploit his death for their hysterical, paranoid agenda, I say this with all sincerity: Fuck you.

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