Wednesday, December 16, 2020

I said I was sorry

I was short and snappish with my art director today. I am not proud of this. She is battling breast cancer and spent the day in the hospital, having tests required before her next round of chemotherapy. She called me when she got home ... mostly to fill me in on the events of her day but also to touch base on a project. When she disagreed with me on how to incorporate a client request, I was impatient and willful. Yes, she was overstepping. Yes, I apologized for being argumentative. But I missed the bigger picture: she was working after spending the day at the hospital in preparation for chemotherapy.

What is wrong with me?

I am recovering nicely from covid. My issues now are strictly gastrointestinal with a side order or fatigue. But when you consider that 7,500 of my neighbors here in Cook County have died of the virus, I have no complaints.

I got a holiday bonus in my paycheck.

I got word that my mortgage refinance went through and I'll close on it this Monday, saving me hundreds of dollars every month.

And I respond to all this by beating up on a cancer patient. 

I can be such a brat! 

PS Thank you for caring, Country Dew. I'm doing better than I deserve.