Thursday, June 01, 2023

#14: Minimizes the impulse to be a Karen

My TT this week (below) is about the personal positive impact yoga classes have had on me. This Tuesday, I felt the effect the class has on my life in general.

I'd missed two weeks of yoga because of dental work, and when I went back, things were different. New studio manager, who happened to be offsite. Our regular Tuesday morning classes were not on the schedule for June, and there was no one we could ask about it. The girl at the desk, while friendly and nice, has no first-hand knowledge or authority. Worse, our wonderful instructor, Rachel, admitted management hadn't told her if she'd be needed after this Friday. WHAT? Today is Tuesday! That's not fair to Rachel!

The other old broad in the class and I went into Norma Rae mode. We encouraged all our classmates to politely mention on the way out that we want to/expect to/will return next Tuesday morning. Then we were each going to email as soon as we got to our homes or offices, explaining that we love Rachel and that Tuesday morning is the best time for us. Last, we were going to leave voicemails overnight, saying the same thing. (I emphasized that we didn't want to call when the studio is open on Tuesday because we'd just get the same lovely front desk girl. Why hassle her? She's not the decision maker.)

The calls weren't necessary. By Tuesday afternoon, we got an email blast from management that our Tuesday Restore classes were being restored, an d Rachel would remain as our instructor. It ended with a thank you for expressing our love for Rachel and the class. 

Before I left the studio Tuesday morning, Rachel took my hand and said, "Gal, you're an angel." I like to think so, of course. ;) But here's what I learned and want to share: praising good service is as effective and feels much better than bitching about bad service.