Monday, September 02, 2013

I saw myself in her

Today I vacuumed and flipped my futon and went through that massive stack of paper (resulting in 2 smaller stacks of paper) and watched a lot of What Not to Wear.

The episode that stayed with me was Courteney, the tomboy from Florida who clearly, CLEARLY didn't want to be there. Her answers were monosyllabic and she spent much of the hour on the verge of tears. And I was getting misty right along with her.

The Amazing After
For while I think it would be terrific to go shopping with Stacey and Clinton, and while I completely dream of a half hour with Carmindy,* I can't imagine how painful it would be to be on the show. Like Courtney, I would feel terribly exposed. I'd hate to be taped without my knowledge in the run up to the style intervention. I never, EVER want to step foot into the 360ยบ Mirror. I don't want to see my current clothes under fluorescent lights as they move from utilitarian rack to garbage can.

I will miss WNTW when it goes off at the end of this season. While I didn't really learn anything about my own personal style from Courtney's episode, her journey is going to stay with me. She showed tremendous courage in sharing it with us, and I was touched.

*I think hair stylist Ted is a nice and talented man, but my cut and color suit me fine.

It's me

November 3, 2013, it can be you, too. Click here for details.