Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Yesterday was not the day I wanted to have

Things didn't go well yesterday, despite my best intentions. Unfortunately, the outside world impinged. I have important news to document, but I don't feel like it just now. Repeating what's not good and not really within my control will not help me get everything done that is on my plate right now.

I am still determined to be positive. Sliding into depression serves no good purpose. Of course, neither does denying and insisting that all is well when it most definitely is not.

And so today, I am seeing myself as The Little Engine that Could. I have a long train to pull up a steep mountain. Other engines may have more advantages, but I have faith in myself. "I think I can ... I think I can ..."

I will take care of everything that's presented itself personally and complete the big assignment by end of day tomorrow. Because "I think I can ... I think I can ..."

PS And the Cubs keep winning, so there's that.