Saturday, September 06, 2014

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Roar

1) The lyrics begin with Katy singing about when she used to "hold her tongue." Tell us about a time when you didn't speak up, but wish you had. Just yesterday at work. My boss has been in a shitty "whatever it is, I'm against it" mood and, even though his attitude has an impact on the quality of work we're producing, I don't want to get into yet another argument with him. After all, it's possible I'm not right and he does get paid (way more than me) to make these decisions.

2) The lyrics mention both lions and tigers. In addition to the big cats, the video shows a monkey and an elephant. If we were going to the zoo today, which animal would you want to see first? I went to the zoo just a few weeks ago with my cousin Rose and here are the first awesome creatures we saw.

3) Lions and tigers are carnivores. If we were having steak for dinner, would you order it rare, medium or well done? Medium well.

4) Lots of photos are snapped at the zoo. Did you take your last picture with a camera or with your phone? With my little Kodak Easy Share M350 camera. I've had it for years and it's very reliable and compact. I use it all the time.

5) The "Roar" video takes place in the jungle. The average temperature all year around in the rainforest is a humid 80º. The typical September day in Juneau is 49º, dry and sunny. Which sounds more comfortable? I hate humidity so I'll choose Alaska.

6) In her youth, Katy took dance lessons at the local recreation hall in Santa Barbara. Crazy Sam took tap dance lessons as a girl, too. What about you? Were you sent off to dance class? Music lessons? Art class? I was a horrific ballet class failure in first and second grade.

7) Katy recently passed Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter. What's the last message you re-tweeted? It was about classic movies.

8) Congratulations! You just won the lottery! Do you want it in a lump sum, or would you prefer payments over the next 25 years? My gut instinct is to take it as a lump sum, but I'd check with my accountant first. (What a lovely problem to have!)

9) Did you get 8 hours sleep last night? Yes, but not consecutively.