Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Thursday Thirteen #244

Thirteen items currently on my shopping list.

1. Coke. Preferably the single-serve 7.5 oz. size.

2. Paper towels. Preferably Bounty or Viva.

3. Skim or 2% milk, pint bottle. Yes, it costs more to buy it this way, but when I buy quarts I end up pouring much of it down the drain when it expires. I hate wasting food. I'd rather have little pint bottles, lined up like soldiers, each waiting his turn.

4. Minute Rice microwave cups.

5. Shout Color Catcher Sheets, so I can wash darks and lights together. (I have a hard time finding these in stores and may have to order from Amazon.)

6. Probiotic capsules. I hope I can find Pearls on sale. They're so easy to take.

7. Which reminds me! I need more Chobani Yogurt cups (also with probiotics). But not peach. I bought too much peach last time.

8. Tall kitchen garbage bags.

9. Hot dog buns. I don't always have them with hot dogs, though. Sometimes I tear them in half and use them as dinner rolls.

10. Gerber Turkey baby food. My cat Connie has a nutritional supplement every day and it melts so easily into the baby food. (Turkey is her favorite, with chicken a distant second.)

11. Salmon fillets, for me, if they're on sale. If not, I guess it's pork chops again!

12. Hairspray. I keep forgetting this. What do you bet I forget again this week?

13. Spaghetti-o's or pinto beans, whichever is cheaper. They both have been specially requested by the local food pantry.

How about you? Are any of these items currently on your shopping list?

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