Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not just the Chicago River

Mayor Daley does it up right on St. Patrick's Day, as evidenced by the fountains at Daley Plaza and the ring around the Hancock. I think it's adorable. 364 days a year I'm 12% Irish. But today, I'm all in.

Too cute!

This morning I walked to work behind a mom and daughter. In one hand, Mom held a Hello, Kitty backpack. In the other hand she held her little girl's fingers. They were in deep discussion about something. It touched me to see the rapt attention they were paying to one another, and how seriously Mom seemed to take her daughter's input.

The little girl -- about 5, I guess -- caught sight of me and kept stealing glances of me in the store windows we three were passing. I think she was scandalized because I was drinking Coke for breakfast. And she should be. Shame on me!