Friday, September 22, 2023

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Answer the Phone (2001)

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) This song likens a relationship to a roller coaster ride. When did you most recently visit an amusement park? It's been so long, I don't even remember. Which is too bad, because I enjoy rides. Alas, none of my friends do, and rides are the one of the few things I'm not comfortable doing alone.

2) Lead singer Mark McGrath reasons that his girl should answer the phone because he knows she's home. That was decades ago, when most homes still had landlines. Where were you when you took your last call? Were you at home? My friend Henry called and I took it in my kitchen.

3) He remembers the glow of her face when he gave her a rose. Have
you recently given or received a gift of flowers or a plant? I gave my former art director a cutting from my philodendron as her housewarming gift. That plant grew voraciously in the office we shared, so much so that we named her "Audrey 2" after the blood thirsty Venus flytrap in Little Shop of Horrors. Getting one of Audrey 2's offspring seemed to make her happy.

4) Sugar Ray's debut CD was called Lemonade and Brownies. Crazy Sam admits she'd prefer milk with her brownie. What about you? Does the combination of lemonade and brownies sound good to you? It sounds awful to me. 

5) In 2005, Mark McGrath was a guest judge on American Idol. At one time, Idol was the dominant singing competition show. Today, in addition to American Idol, viewers can also watch The Voice and America's Got Talent. Are you a fan of any or all of these shows? I used to love AI, all the way through Jennifer Lopez/Harry Connick/Keith Urban. I've kind of lost interest. The Voice and America's Got Talent just haven't captured my attention.

6) Sugar Ray is a famous name in boxing circles. Sugar Ray Robinson and  Sugar Ray Leonard were both world championships. Are you a boxing fan? Nope. I had a boyfriend who boxed recreationally. I couldn't stand how hurt he was for days after a bout, so I don't find professional boxing entertaining.

7) In 2001, when this song was popular, the Leaning Tower of Pisa reopened to the public after more than a decade of renovations. Have you ever been to Italy? If yes, where did you go? If not, is a trip to Italy on your wish list? Never been, don't especially want to go. No shade on Italy. I just haven't seen enough of the US to go overseas.

8) Also in 2001, Liverpool's Speke Airport was renamed John Lennon Airport. Liverpool's is the first airport in the United Kingdom to be named after an individual. Tell us about something in your hometown that is named after someone. The other day I went from Ogilvie Transportation Center (Governor Richard Ogilvie) to the Bilandic Building (Mayor Michael Bilandic), which is right across from the Thompson Center (Governor Jim Thompson). We joke that, here in Chicago, no convictions earns you a building in your name.

9) Random Question: Is the screen on your cell phone cracked? Yes