Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm never alone

Because the shingles virus is always with me.

I had it in 2010. And it reappeared on Easter Sunday. No rash this time, no fever. Just the bitch of a backache. My doctor confirmed today, when I went in for my annual physical, that I can count on getting recurring muscle aches in that same area for the rest of my life. She did bloodwork just to eliminate anything more serious, but considering that the pain went around my back and across my stomach, just like in 2010, it was probably just a milder recurrence.

Gee whiz, I love getting older!

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More than I want to spend

I'm surprised by how expensive tickets are for Sir Paul's summer show at the United Center. I think it's because it's one night only. I was hoping he'd add a second night when the first sold out, but it's not gonna happen. As near as I can tell, all of his appearances this time around are one night only. Not surprising, I guess, when you consider that he's 72 years old.

I'm going. I don't know how I'm going to manage it, but I will be there. Not great seats, like 2011 at Wrigley Field. But I will get in the door. Somehow.