Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm never alone

Because the shingles virus is always with me.

I had it in 2010. And it reappeared on Easter Sunday. No rash this time, no fever. Just the bitch of a backache. My doctor confirmed today, when I went in for my annual physical, that I can count on getting recurring muscle aches in that same area for the rest of my life. She did bloodwork just to eliminate anything more serious, but considering that the pain went around my back and across my stomach, just like in 2010, it was probably just a milder recurrence.

Gee whiz, I love getting older!

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  1. i put that vaccine on the top of my thankful i did.
    hope you don't suffer too much..sending lots of

  2. Oh no!!! I've *got* to get the vaccine! Hope you have a speedy recovery.