Saturday, April 30, 2022

Sunday Salon

This weekend, I'm thinking about new vs redo. I just got back from the TCM Film Festival in Hollywood. Sponsored by Turner Classic Movies, it give us classic films fans a chance to enjoy old movies on the big screen. I loved it. Loved. It. This was my second festival, and I'm already planning to go next year. But it's expensive, and won't leave me much in my travel budget for other trips in 2023.

At the Festival, I chose 11 movies. Four were new to me, 7 were rewatches. In preparation for my trip, I reread Furious Love, the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the Hollywood-est couple ever. 

On HBO Max, I recently binged on The West Wing. I loved that show, and realized that while I remember the characters and their personalities very well, plot details were lost to time so I was quite engaged. But here's the thing: there are almost a gazillion shows I haven't yet seen.

So that's my dilemma: Do I luxuriate in enjoying old favorites -- be they movies, books, TV shows or destinations -- or do I try new things?

How do you deal with this? Do you reach for the new experience or do you long to return to a favorite? Or have you decided that new vs. redo doesn't matter as long as you enjoy your choice?

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