Monday, May 08, 2023

That didn't go well

Monday is reserved for my movie group, but tonight I skipped it. I got a pleading email that our community hospitals need blood so I responded and got a 7:15 PM blood drive appointment.

Right now I've got an ice pack on my arm. I was told to expect pain and bruising. I've given blood often over the years, but this has never happened before.

The tech could not get the blood to flow properly. He found the vein, put a cuff on my arm, and inserted the needle. So far, so good. But my blood was coming out too slowly. Another tech came over and manipulated the needle, which hurt. I'm not used to feeling anything once the draw has begun.

The second, more senior tech told me that perhaps "clot and tissue" was interfering. They thanked me a lot, but sent me home.

I'm not as upset about this as I might be. Having Covid within 60 days is a reason not to give blood. It occurred to me that I don't know for a fact that I didn't have Covid last month. So I suppose it's possible that, once my donation was screened, it would have been tossed anyway.

Photo by 
Nguyễn Hiệp on Unsplash