Friday, January 22, 2021

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Why Did I Choose You? (1965)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Barbra Streisand reassures her lover that, if she had it all to do again, she would still choose him. Tell us about a decision you've made that you never, ever regretted. Adopting my furry roommates. You can shop at pet stores, breeders, Craigslist, etc. Or you can adopt from a shelter and save a life. I'm proud I rescued my cats and gave them a good home, and have never for one moment wished I'd taken another route.
2) The music was composed by Michael Leonard, who studied classical music at Julliard and the Handel Conservatory of Music in Munich. Do you often listen to classical music? Nope.

3) The lyrics were written by Herbert Martin. He taught music in the NYC public school system and during the summer worked in summer stock. That's how he met and began collaborating with Michael Leonard. Tell us how you met someone important in your life. Frank had enough of shoveling snow from his driveway so his wife, Rose, searched for an apartment not far from his office. It wasn't an easy task, as there weren't many apartment buildings in our town. They settled in Apt. #6, across the alley from my family's ranch house. Frank and Rose brought their little girl into my neighborhood, my Kindergarten class, my backyard and my life. She's been my best friend ever since. That was 58 years ago.
4) Ms. Streisand was a very good student, graduating fourth in her class at Erasmus Hall High School when she was only 16. One of Barbra's classmates was Neil Diamond. Do you have a favorite Neil Diamond song? I suppose "Sweet Caroline." (Though his version doesn't include the, "So good! So good! So good!" chant.)

5) While she didn't go on to college, she continued her education by attending two different acting schools simultaneously. Did you enjoy being a student? No. I have always had an issue with arriving on time and then being told what to do. I think I might be one of those students who enjoys remote learning.
6) Barbra and her first husband, Elliott Gould, shared a New York apartment over a 5th Avenue restaurant called Oscar's Salt of the Sea. Elliott originated the role of Trapper John in the movie M*A*S*H. On TV, the role of Trapper was played by Wayne Rogers. Can you think of another role that's been played by more than one actor? Over the years, Bewitched had two Darrins. I preferred the original.
I think Two Darrins would be a good name for a band.

 7) Oscar's Salt of the Sea has ties to Sesame Street. Jim Henson loved their food and was amused by how inhospitable the owner, Oscar, could be. That's how Oscar the Grouch got his name. Which is your favorite Muppet? Beaker. Enjoy him performing "Ode to Joy."
8) Back to Barbra ... She is a successful recording artist (nominated for 45 Grammy awards, winning 8) and an Oscar-winning actress, but she's suffered career disappointments, too. In 2010, she read the book Hidden Figures and tried to buy the rights so she could direct the film version. She lost out to fellow Brooklynite, director Theodore Melfi. In 2016, his movie of Hidden Figures was released. Did you see the movie or read the book? Yes. I saw it in the theater. God! How I miss going to the movies!

9) Random question: Your best friend takes up painting and proudly presents her first framed work to you. You think it's atrocious. Would you hang it in your home anyway? Sure. At least when she comes over.