Monday, October 12, 2009

C'mon! You know you want to!

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Give Me Five Monday

Five favorite (or unfavorite) things to shop for:

Since today would be a good day for retail therapy, here we go with my faves:

1) Purses. Don't need them, yet always want more.

2) Books. My TBR pile is almost waist high, and yet, I'm drawn to the bookstore almost against my will.

3) Bath stuff. Body washes and bubble baths ... Ah ...

4) That perfect gift. Is anything more exciting than finding just the right thing for someone who is hard to buy for?

5) Office supplies. I don't know why, but I love immersing myself in folders and felt tip pens and binder clips.

Monday Movie Meme -- True Romance

In honor of The Bumbles' anniversary: If you could live any movie's love story, which one would it be? I have two, chosen for the same reason: When Harry Met Sally and Two Weeks Notice. Wouldn't it be great to already know someone really well before you fell in love, and into bed? To be aware of the personality quirks that usually surprise you about a lover before he became a lover? To have the only surprise be how good he is in bed? Sigh ... Will someone please throw a bucket of cold water on me?