Monday, August 20, 2012

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 20

Today's Happiness: a postcard. My aunt/Godmother sent a card from her reunion with my cousin and his family in the Great Smoky Mountains. She was excited to report they saw a bear. I'm tickled that they were thinking of me and besides, it's great to get something other than bills (and there were three in today's mail).


Thanks be to Hulu and headphones

It's a slow day at the office. We had a meeting at about 10:00 and then .... crickets chirping. I got a good workout in and then discovered Hulu has Magnum PI reruns for free! I saw the episode where Lassie's mom was a hooker! My headphones allow me to watch in privacy. Which is good, as I scour Hulu for more guilty pleasures.

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 19

Today's Happiness: Second hand books. I bought a copy of the popular biography of Obama's mother, A Singular Woman, for $2 at my local library book sale. I picked it up to put it in my briefcase and a note fell out: Happy belated birthday to Nancy from Dani. Nancy's gift was so late because Dani's life has been "a gerbil wheel," including a vacation to Montreal, business trips to Sengal (!) and Uganda (!) and the purchase of a new condo in DC. Dani's siblings have been busy, too: Mark finally married his girlfriend and now has a teenaged stepdaughter, Suzy and Kris are good and busy with their kids, and Gene had chemo this past spring to treat a small site on his lung. And, like me, Dani has a hard time battling her weight and meeting nice men.
There's such a romance to second hand books.