Thursday, October 14, 2021

I made Aaron cry

I am so happy Aaron is my boss. He listens. He's supportive. He's positive. His attitude has improved mine. 

He mentioned that he's approaching his one-year anniversary with our agency. I told him that I was really glad he's with us ... that I wasn't thrilled when he was hired since I wasn't consulted, but that I'm so happy he's here ... that I didn't realize how unhappy I'd become with my worklife until he came along and changed my outlook for the better.

He thanked me, then removed his glasses and wiped away a tear. 

Aaron could be one of the most genuinely nice people I've ever met. 


I wish she could read

Saturday morning I take Connie to the vet. Over the last two weeks, I've concentrated on her gut. I hope that the vet will deem her constipation improved, so we can move on to scheduling dental work (she needs a tooth pulled). 

First I tried the special feline laxative I got from the vet. Emblazoned on the tube: "Tuna flavor cats love!" Connie doesn't love it. I moved on to Miralax, which dissolves completely into her food and made a difference. But I'm not confident that daily dosing of medication is the best thing for her, so I switched to her to all-natural pumpkin puree. Any website will tell you cats and dogs alike love pumpkin. Connie doesn't love it. I can trick her into eating it by mixing it with other food, but she doesn't regard it as the "delicious treat" she's supposed to.

She also doesn't drink enough. Cats are like people, hydration is important to healthy digestion. I bought a special drinking fountain from Amazon. "Cats love moving water!" Connie doesn't love it. I can't even get her to look at it. I added clam juice to her water dish. A veterinarian blogger maintain cats love clam juice so much, the only problem will be getting your furry friend to stop begging for it. Connie doesn't love it. She won't touch it.

I wish Connie could read these packages and websites. Then perhaps she'd be a more willing participant in her own health plan.