Wednesday, July 27, 2016

South Side Girl

The White Sox swept my Cubs in two straight games. Yet it not only doesn't bother me, it feels fitting.

For this week, the DNC opened and the star of the first night was the pride of the South Side. They knew and loved her as Michelle Robinson. You may know her by her married name.

Here's her speech in support of Hillary Clinton. I want to keep it. It made me proud. It made me cry, and I'm not a cryer.

She was eloquent. She was elegant. She was smart. She was right. In Chicago parlance, 773 had 847's back.

Of course, Bernie Sanders supporters think she's wrong. They seem to believe this strong woman is the unwitting puppet of an evil, "rigged" system.

But I'd like to see them to try to say it to her face. This week, the South Side is kicking ass.