Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Thursday Thirteen #316


Thirteen things to buy at the dollar store. Dollar Tree is a 20-minute walk from my home, which gives me a chance to enjoy a little fresh air and exercise when I set out to save. Usually I stock up on things for the "blessing bags" I give to the homeless (breakfast bar, tissue packet, etc.) and stickers to decorate my cards for Letters Against Isolation

But that's me personally. I looked around the web and found financial and consumer experts recommend stretching your dollar by picking up these items at Family Dollar, Dollar Tree or Dollar General. They tend to be of comparable value to those you'll find at grocery/department/drugstores, but at a much lower price.

1. Greeting cards

2. Party paper plates, cups, plastic flatware, etc.

3. Gift boxes and bags

4. Notebooks

5. Reading glasses

6. Hair accessories like rubber bands and clips

7. Tote bags

8. Picture frames

9. Vases

10. Dish towels

11. Cotton swabs

12. Seasonal decor

13. Puzzles and coloring books (but not toys; dolls, trucks, etc. tend to be of lower quality at the dollar store)

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