Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Stealing

Stolen from Penny Royal Princess 

1: 3 Fears
•  Air travel
•  Clowns
•  Highways during nighttime storms (this is new; I can't pinpoint when I started being afraid of this)

2: 3 things I love

In alphabetical order:
•  The Beatles
•  Cats
•  The Cubs

3: 4 turns on

•  Beatle fans
•  Cat lovers
•  Cub fans
•  Classic movie fans

4: 4 turns off

•  That myopic "I-hate-the-media-they're-the-enemies-of-the-people" crap. Journalism is the rough draft of history. And it's always bad form to let those in power determine whether the press is "fair." They never think it is! Quoting Stalin tends to be a bad thing, too, folks. Oh, and by the way, how do you know your President demeans the press at every rally he attends? Because the media covers him doing it. (Sigh. I'll get off my soapbox now.)
•  "Dog people" who think that you can't love cats; "cat people" who disparage dogs
•  Bullies
•  Hypocrites
Turn offs make me grumpy. I wish we could have stopped at turn ons.

5: My best friend
It changes. These days it's Henry, my Key West buddy. No one sees the good in me the way he does. I treasure that so. It's like being wrapped in eiderdown.

6: My favorite book

Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers. Elizabeth Edwards' memoir is a searing saga of spirituality, vulnerability, and finally, acceptance.

7: My best first date

Are you asking me to describe a generic first date? Or to recall an actual outstanding first date? The answers would be different.

8: How tall am I

Nearly 5'2

9: What do I miss

Actually being 5'2. I think I may have shrunk!

10: What time were I born

I was born at the stroke of midnight between November 21 and 22. The stroke of midnight does not exist legally, so the hospital told my mom she had to choose -- 11:59 or 12:01. She was still quite doped up (I was a big baby) and confused about what she was asked, but she chose 12:01, which made it 11/22. Astrologers love this story because I was born on the cusp of a cusp.

11: Favorite color

Pantone 294. Cubbie blue. It's my special favorite when worn by Anthony Rizzo, my favoritest Cub.

First baseman, cancer survivor, children's advocate, GREAT GUY!
12: Do I have a crush Always

13: Favorite quote

I'll go back to Philip Graham: Journalism is the rough draft of history.

14: Favorite place

This changes, too. These days, my mind likes to travel back to the holidays in Key West. This year, I'm returning to the same hotel, and the same pool.

Those are my toes, CHRISTMAS MORNING!

15: Favorite food

This changes, too. Lately it's chocolate ice cream.

16: Do I use sarcasm

Why ever would I?

17: What am I listening to right now

Aretha Franklin. There's a tribute on NBC's Sunday Today.

18: First thing I notice in new person

Hair. I'm extremely hair-motivated.

19: Eye color


20: Hair color

Light brown with blonde streaks


  1. Oh shoot! I lost what I had written. I was writing about fears as we age. Just in case you still have it in moderation, I will not repeat it. I was not done though. I am a Cardinals fan, but I just love Rizzo. He is such a great guy! Have a nice day!

  2. You've done a fantastic job answering these. I had no idea how to do it, considering the origin of the questions. It seemed like a very young persons page and turn ons and turn offs were somehow in reference to dating. Oh well.. Loved your teeny rant about "enemy of the people". Oh God help us, we are going to need it.

  3. I (finally) ordered Saving Graces. I kept meaning to but your handy B&N link did the trick. I'm going to read it next. :)

  4. Great answers. I rewrote the questions. I can't stand those things that aren't actual sentences. I am literate and thus want my blog to be literate. Thank you for standing up for journalism and journalists.

  5. I think thinking about the "turn offs" probably makes us all feel a little grumpy. Saving Graces sounds interesting...onto the "want to read" list it goes. Your toes look quite happy to be spending Christmas in the Keys. I think my toes are jealous.