Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You're bugging me, Bud

I'm a fan of Obama's. I want him to succeed and am pleased with much of what he's accomplished in a tremendously complicated world. But his laissez faire approach to the BP spill is getting on my last nerve.

He went to San Francisco and attended a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer last night, playing politics while the Gulf is polluted, businesses are destroyed, the ecosystem is threatened and seafood is contaminated.

Oh, I know he cares. But then, I also believed that George W. Bush cared about Katrina. Concern doesn't necessarily equal competence.

I want more action. Smart, targeted action. And I want leadership. While Bill Clinton didn't personally take off and find Timothy McVeigh himself, we were reassured daily that he was on Oklahoma City. I want similar exhibitions of conviction from my President now.

C'mon, Barack!


  1. Some of my more conservative "friends" are griping that he is going on vacation this Memorial Day weekend instead of going to Arlington's ceremonies.

  2. I know you probably don't want to read a big discussion of what he's doing vs. what he COULD be doing and why but I'm putting this link in here in case you want to peruse it:

    He's very much a "let things play out" kind of guy but I have no doubt that he's doing what he can to move BP along. I hear, astrologically speaking, that we will see him step in big time after the 27th. It all remains to be seen.

    And no, it's not his "Katrina" because there we could do a million things to help those who were starving, sick, homeless etc and dumbass was busy playing the banjo with McCain. Really, there are so few options here for what he CAN do but I trust that he is thinking about this 24/7. It's a huge wake up call to the nation.

    Also, too: with respect to Kwiz's little pals, PBO isn't going "on vacation" but to another location to celebrate (that's not the right word) memorial day. Dubs? He DID go on vacation. Or rather, he didn't come off his 8 year vacation.

    :) Love and kisses,
    your Obamabot in MD

  3. I'm sorry, but I don't agree that he's doing all he can. At the very least, he could use this as a teaching moment about our dependency on oil -- foreign or otherwise. And he's not. At the very least, attending a San Francisco fundraiser and joking about Republicans was a dumb political move, and this isn't the time for him to do dumb things.

    And no, I hope he's not thinking about this 24/7. Because he's got joblessness and Afghanistan and immigration and ...

    And yes, it could be his Katrina in that the results can be catastrophic for decades to come.

    He was my Senator before he was my President. I'm a fan. But I am paying attention to his actions -- and he's bugging me. He can do better. And I want him to.

    He works for me, you know.

  4. I hear ya. This is where we differ, I guess. It is like Katrina in that, you're right, the effects will be with us for many years, but not like it at all with respect to the response.

    My opinion, of course. :)

    Although I will say I agree that making jokes about other things is rather ill-timed.

  5. And, just like with Katrina, I believe that my President does indeed care -- I don't think Bush was a heartless ass, he's a human being who reacts to suffering just like the rest of us -- and just like Katrina, I think my President's response is woefully inadequate.

    I voted Barack Obama. I support Barack Obama. And I'm supporting him by sending an email to the White House that says what my post here says. Lead us, Mr. President. LET US KNOW YOU CARE! The oil spill is AT LEAST as important as the mid-term elections in California!

    Snarkela, he screwed up here. Like Bush, like FDR, like JFK, like 43 Presidents before him. Not a one gets an A+ on every issue.

  6. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I agree with you, but I do think there is a limit to what he can do. I mean really do. Of course, I am speaking as a wife of someone who covers big oil for the stock market and I hear the story from the other side, as well as my own side that has me crying when I see oil slicked pelicans.