Tuesday, April 10, 2018

But right now, I'm fine!

I was miserable Thursday night and Friday morning. I was uncomfortable Friday and Saturday. Since Saturday night, I have felt fine.

So what's going on? It looks like kidney stones. My doctor wants me to have a CT scan to be sure. At any rate, she doesn't think it's serious. Painful, but not deadly.

So Tuesday, I have to have a chat with my boss. I don't feel comfortable traveling hours downstate to our client's office for a presentation. Not if I could cramp up again, like I did Thursday night.

I've had to cover for him a lot lately. Maybe it's time for him to cover for me. I can present over the phone. I can do that, even if I do have another attack. It's the travel that has me frightened.

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  1. I hope this is it! I mean, I know they're terribly painful, but at least you know what it is!


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