Sunday, May 30, 2010

In my prayers

Yes, I know it's Memorial Day and I agree that it's appropriate to hold fallen heroes in our hearts today. But my heart is expansive enough to include everyone involved with this natural disaster, too.

The clean up workers. Two contract cleanup workers were airlifted to West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero, La., on Friday night after suffering dizziness, headaches and chest pains on boats operating about a mile south of the coast. (Read more:

Our neighbors in the Gulf, who are on the verge of yet another economic disaster. I don't know how much more these poor people can take. First Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, then the same Recession that slammed us all, now this.

The environment. It's sad and unnatural and simply wrong for birds, turtles and fish to die in freaking sludge.

My country. This appalling photo speaks volumes on our dependence on oil and what it's gotten us. But it can't illustrate everything we're losing, every moment that blown out well keeps gushing ... and gushing ... and gushing.

President Obama. It's BP's well but it's our coastline and we're trusting you to do right by it and us, Mr. President.

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