Thursday, April 03, 2014

Why I'm scared

I work in Chicago's Loop day in/day out. Guns are a terrible problem in my city. It's always top of mind. One thing that gun rights advocates like to say is that if more law-abiding Chicagoans carried guns, there would be fewer shootings.

I've always felt that if more law-abiding citizens carried guns, we're more likely to be caught in cross fire.

Yesterday there was a second shooting at Ft. Hood. There are a lot of guns, carried in plain sight, on an army base. They didn't deter this gunman. The results are a tragedy.

I fear handguns and don't believe they solve anything.


  1. My initial thoughts were about teachers being able to carry guns. I think that is a huge disaster waiting to happen.

  2. I don't think that the answer is to arm the general population. If a person is going to have a gun, they need the emotional werewithal to use it.

    However, your reference to the Fort Hood shooting illustrates a misconception: Yes, there are lots of guns on army bases, but they're locked up. With the exception of MPs, and those undergoing weapons training and qualification, most soldiers that you see walking around an army base are not armed. Additionally, a lot of the people you see on a military base are civilians.