Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Oh, break my heart!

Within the past five days or so I've seen two little kids, all duded up for spring, and they really were adorable.

The first, a girl, was at the mall getting her photo taken with the Easter Bunny. Now I never was a big believer in the Bunny, so I was surprised to see the awe with which she approached the giant leporidae. Then, when she got close to his white wicker throne, she just hugged his legs. It was so sweet. The photographer helped her into The Bunny's lap and spread her full skirt around her. She didn't care. She was just gazing at her beloved Bunny.

The second was a boy, crossing the street, clutching his mother's hand. They both looked very solemn, and he was dressed like an itty-bitty version of a GQ Justin Timberlake photo shoot. That's why I find boys' dress clothes so touching. I mean, girls' clothes are a separate animal altogether -- with more flourishes and ruffles, etc., than a woman's. But boys' clothes are just menswear shrunk down. It's so cute.


  1. There's something about little boys' clothes, I totally get it!

  2. One of the things I look forward to most about having kids someday is getting to dress them when they're little! My baby nephew already has a wardrobe that probably reflects the clothing tastes of every individual person in our family!

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