Tuesday, November 02, 2010

10 on Tuesday

I feel the blues encroaching but I'm not giving in without a fight. Here are 10 reliable things that can/will make me happy today.

1) Clear, blue skies above

2) Voting

3) Knowing that my niece was up early and at the polls before 7:00 this morning because she volunteered to work as a judge

4) Having a project on my plate that requires some creativity/flexibility

5) Nanowrimo gives me an opportunity for even more creativity/flexibilitiy

6) Watching my cat Joey power nap (he looks so damn sweet when he sleeps, which only stands to reason because he's such a dear, gentle soul)

7) Chiquita Apple Bites make it easy for even the laziest person (me) to snack healthy

8) My MLB Cubs checks, that make me smile a bit as I pay my bills

9) Knowing I can listen to the Beatles anytime I want to (and will!)

10) My TBR pile -- sometimes I find it daunting but right now I find a neverending supply of books comforting

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