Monday, March 05, 2012

A new homeowner experience

I have to buy a new toilet. My handyman will pick it up for me and install it on Wednesday, March 14. I haven't ever shopped for a toilet and don't know that I care what I sit on.

But it is a learning experience. Toilets can be very inexpensive -- there are a variety that are less than $200! And the handyman won't charge me more than another $200. So while this is not an expense I planned for or welcome, I do have a slush fund for emergencies of this type and that will cover it.

In 2006, my adventures were with the ac and the refrigerator. Now it's the toilet. I am becoming a seasoned homeowner.


  1. i love being a homeowner...until i have to pay out money for these types of problems...then it stinks!

  2. That's why I'm glad I'm a renter.

  3. Eh, good luck with toilet shopping.

  4. I'm with Kwizgiver on this one. I tried owning a home for awhile, and it wasn't for me, mostly because of the repairs.

    But enjoy your new toilet!