Tuesday, December 03, 2019

My boss is an old fart

Ok, that might not be the most elegant title for a post, but it's true! We got a project last week. A little one, in the scheme of things. But obviously very important to our client, Rick. It's important to Rick, so it's important to me. I like getting that check every two weeks!

My boss, on the other hand, has been making fun of it. It's stupid, it's poorly thought out, it's too small to move the needle of our client's business ...

Last week, on Tuesday morning, we agreed that I would do two creative concepts and he would do one. After all, he has nothing on his plate right now and is always complaining about that, too.

Tuesday afternoon, I brought it up again, telling him in broad strokes what I decided to do on my two (2) concepts. He said he "couldn't think about it" right now. He was taking Wednesday off to extend his Thanksgiving weekend an extra day and well, he'd do it Monday.

I worked on Wednesday and fleshed out my two concepts. They were on his desk Monday morning. I kept trying to talk to him about them, and the impact they would have on his -- which still needed to be done -- but he was busy. Writing personal checks. After all, our paychecks had been deposited over the weekend! Yes, my boss was openly doing this on company time.

We had a meeting about this project Monday afternoon. My boss sat in the corner and reminded us all how dumb it is, how poorly thought out it is, and that it's too small to have any real impact on our client's work. Yeah, that'll inspire the troops!

The art director, account executive and I got into a conversation/disagreement about how a regulation would impact the legal. The art director was very resistant to doing something I believed was legally mandatory. We both were trying to impress upon the account executive that we really needed to get this resolved.

My boss snapped to and announced, "You've been arguing about this for 40 hours!" and "We have more important things to worry about than this regulation!" He actually scolded us.

More important things to do than worry about a regulation? Like what? Complaining about how poorly thought out the project is, or how dumb it is, and how it's too small to make a difference?

Fortunately, he left after the meeting. A dentist's appointment. I was glad to see him go. I could no longer stand the sight of him.

Though he left Monday afternoon without doing his concept.

Sometimes I think maybe it's time for all of us to retire.


  1. Yikes! That's tough to work with.

  2. This is Stacy from My Cup Is Full. I know how you feel. A horrid boss just makes everything so much harder and you don't even want to be there. It sure sounds like something is going on with your boss. Maybe he will retire soon.