Sunday, September 15, 2019

Not him. Not now.

Ok, let's be real. There's NEVER an acceptable time for anything bad to happen to #44. And yet today, Anthony Rizzo went down. He'd been so happy in the lead off position. He'd gotten on base twice, with walks! Then in the third, this happened. Look at his ankle. It's called a "lateral inversion sprain." Or, in human speak, it means he rolled his ankle.

Suddenly all his weight was on the outside of his ankle.
KB, the Cubs trainer and Joe tend to him.
Poor Rizz!

The good news is that the ankle is NOT broken. Sprains are less serious, but harder to predict. And he's undoubtedly suffering bruising, swelling and pain.

Rizzo deserves better from The Baseball Gods. Just last Friday,  he invited pediatric cancer survivors onto the field. That's young Ethan, currently in remission, who got to throw out the first pitch.

Get well, Rizzo! You deserve only good things!

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