Friday, September 20, 2019

Every time the phone rings

Whenever the phone rings, I'm agitated. Usually it's NAME UNAVAILABLE, so I can ignore it with impunity.

But I wonder why it's not my oldest friend. She and I exchanged texts back over Labor Day weekend -- more than three weeks ago. I told her then I was rattled and sad and could really use a touch-base. She explained that her daughter was staying with her but that we would talk "soon." When, exactly, is "soon," do you suppose?

And is she not calling me because she simply forgot? Is she adjusting to retirement and her new life with her cousin and consequently just doesn't have time for me? Or is she battling the blues again? When she goes dark, it often means she's been enveloped by heavy depression. And how awful it is when those are my two choices: my irrelevance or her depression. Which am I supposed to root for?

And I'm glad it's not Henry. He's been talking to other people lately. Rosa and Katie, specifically. This amuses me, in a way, because they were romantically involved when Henry and Reg first hooked up, back here in Chicagoland in the mid-1990s. Rosa and Katie had an ugly breakup around the 2000, with Katie moving to Washington DC. Each lady has found new love and both are in committed relationships with others. Henry knows this, but when he thinks of one, he automatically still thinks of the other.

Anyway ... as he continues complaining about his sleeplessness and pains, I told him he should reach out to Kate. She and I are Facebook friends, and she often posts about CBD oils as an alternative to OTC pain relievers. Then I IM'd Kate with Henry's phone number. I know she's only spoken to Henry a time or two since the accident, but I nudged her in that direction. They spoke for a while Wednesday afternoon. Then I learned through Reg that Henry called Rosa last night.

I am grateful that Henry has people to talk to who aren't me. I am not trained to deal with some of his issues.

Right after his accident, all I wanted was for the phone to ring and to hear Henry's voice. It isn't that I don't want to talk to him anymore. It's just that I am happy to share him with Katie and Rosa. I think it's healthier for both him and me.

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  1. I think you're spot on that Henry needs more people to talk to.