Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Now I may be Team Kate

At first I admit I was Team Jon. Kate was too bossy, too critical, too much the perfectionist. (Remember when she scolded him for not using a coupon?) He was so much easier going with the kids, more natural.

Now I am grudgingly Team Kate. Jon's acting like an overripe frat boy, smoking and drinking and partying with The Pink Ladies from Grease. Kate seems to tbe stable one, even though she wears more than a hint of martyr these days.

Actually, now that I think of it, I don't especially like Jon or Kate. But, oh, those kids! Especially the little boys. I'm so hooked on the Gosselin kids it's like they're crack. I hope that when all is said and done, they turn out OK.


  1. I was no Kate fan either. But at least now she is stepping up while Jon shows every sign of stepping out. There was one recent episode where he said "I'm not having a midlife crisis." And there I sat telling the TV "YES YOU ARE!"

    I watched one of their first specials the other day. It made me sad.

  2. I've only seen part of the show once, and I don't have a particular opinion on either one of them. However, I do have to say that being in charge of a family of 8 kids (and you know the mom's always in charge), I might come across as a bitch too. ;)

    (And if Tim sees this comment, he may say that even being in charge of a family of almost five ... )

  3. i think she had to be bossy...he needed to be shown the way to be a resonpsible adult.
    you can not make the children your life...some folks are just in too much of a hurry to have children. it is a very hard job...and I would not want to have to do it again...either marriage or kids...ha ha

  4. I hope the kids are ok. I completely agree with you--I think I might be Team Kate, too.


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