Monday, July 26, 2010

Clean Me

After I cleaned the mess a certain skinny cat made in my sandals (AARGH!), I went around and touched-up ALL the spots on the living room/hallway/bedroom carpets that had met with hairballs. I mean, after all, I had the paper towels and Woolite Rug Cleaner in my hand already, so why not?

Because I didn't feel like doing it. Sunday was the third game in the Cubs/Cards series (we came thisclose to a sweep!) and the premiere of Mad Men and my own tummy wasn't feeling so great. I had to make myself do this.

There are people who are neat by nature, and then there's me.


  1. I believe that last sentence is going to be my new motto.

  2. I am watching this progress. Go, Gal,go!