Sunday, July 25, 2010

It never gets old

Not for Rey. He still loves tormenting me as much as he did when we first met back in the fall of 2004.

Today he decided he had to eat at 3:00 and began terrorizing me. Singing. Knocking over picture frames. Spilling paperwork all over. Sneaking up behind me on the sofa where I was taking a nap, and eating my hair. He did this for two hours.

Then, at 5:00, I finally gave in and fed the cats. It was a little early for their dinner, but not that early. And Reynaldo was tiring me out.

He gulped down his kibble and then proceeded to vomit in my favorite, and most expensive, sandals. (If he has to vomit in my shoes, why not my Crocs? They're not only ugly, they're so easy to clean!)

Now he's relaxing and enjoying the early evening sun from his favorite spot on the living room floor. No wonder. He had an exhausting afternoon.


  1. Did he ruin the sandals? I hope not. Cats are evil. (I only sorta mean that)

  2. Oh man .... at the very least, Rey could have had the courtesy to puke somewhere easy to clean. I've trained my cats to do that. (ha! not really although on the very rare occasion Max poos in the house, it's on the kitchen floor which is easy to just swiffer.)

    What an ornery cat! (Glad he's yours!)

  3. eh, at least he didn't half eat a chipmunk and leave the remains all over.

  4. Oh, to have a cat's life and be pampered. That would indeed be nice. You are a good cat mommy.

  5. **I just saw Silver's comment. Laughing...**