Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My old Friends

Watching an ancient episode from the long-ago first season. As Janice would say, "Oh. My. God." Were they ever young! Matthew Perry's mugging was still funny but improbably broad. Jennifer Aniston spoke so much faster and in a higher pitched voice. I'd forgotten how adorable Matt LeBlanc was. (I'm glad that, unlike the cast, I haven't changed a bit since 1994.)

No cell phones, and the cordless phone in Monica's apartment looked like a brick with an antenna. 


  1. i remember every Thursday going to my girl friends house to watch this show. we would drink wine, then go to a local Holiday Inn (bar/resturant) were we would dance the rest of the evening. Fridays at work were a waste of time...yeah that was before I changed up my life...mercy how did I ever live thru all that hell raising!

  2. I adore this show. Thursday night was a big deal at my family's house, we would all gather to watch Friends and then Seinfeld.


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