Tuesday, August 16, 2022


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WWW. WEDNESDAY asks three questions to prompt you to speak bookishly.

1. What are you currently reading? The Girl He Used to Know by Tracey Garvis Greaves. Annika and Jonathan meet at chess club. Over the course of their matches, they fall in love. Her behavioral issues -- a diagnosis hasn't been shared yet, but I believe she's autistic -- complicate things. Their college romance is cut short and they lose touch. A decade later, they meet again by chance and have a second chance at love.

This is a straight-up romance. No mystery. No skullduggery. I haven't read one of these in a while. Here's hoping I enjoy it. 

I've already learned one tiny nugget: The characters go to U of I and refer to it as "Urbana" and "Urbana Champaign." Here in Chicago, we always call it "Champaign Urbana" or "Chambana." I did a little research and discovered that the locals hate that we get it wrong.

2. What did you just finish reading?  Play Dead by David Rosenfelt. Defense attorney Andy Carpenter finds himself involved in case where no one is whom they seem to be. Not even Yogi the Dog. A golden retriever who ends up surrendered to an animal shelter after a dog biting incident, it turns out -- and x-rays verify this -- Yogi is really Reggie, the dog tossed overboard and lost when his despondent owner killed his fiancee and then attempted suicide on a boat.

So if Yogi is Reggie and very much alive, what else did the authorities get wrong about that awful night on the boat? Could the man serving time for the murder/dogicide/botched suicide be innocent?

Andy Carpenter in a courtroom always entertains me, and this book is no exception. He's fast and funny, as always. I also enjoy how candid he is about his physical cowardice when the bad guys are after him. And Reggie is a compelling canine hero, as well. One of the better mysteries in the series so far.

3. What will you read next? I don't have anything selected yet.


  1. Both of these sound good! Thanks for sharing, and here's MY WWW POST

  2. They both sound good. I remember saying last week that I liked the sound of Play Dead.

    Have a great week!

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  3. I enjoyed both books--the romance was a book group selection and we had a good discussion about how the neurodivergent character is portrayed.