Friday, June 11, 2010

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Goodbye to You

1. Have you had to say goodbye to a good friend or lover because they were moving? I had a lover up and move on me because he got a job offer that was simply too lucrative to refuse and we embarked on a long-distance love affair, which, I learned, suited me fine. We spoke every day but saw each other only four days/three nights a month (unless there was a holiday or special occasion). I liked the combination of feeling connected yet still independent.

2. Have you ever wanted to use personal information about someone to sort of "blackmail" them? If yes, tell us about it. Ew! Ick! No!

3. What two things influenced the choice of your present job or to stay at home? The location and the benefits package were both superior to the other offer I received.

4. Do you like warm weather? How warm does it get where you live? What is the best way to spend a hot, summer day? I hate the heat and humidity! When it gets over 85ยบ, I just kinda shut down. The best way to spend such a day is indoors, enjoying the air conditioning, a beer, and a Cubs game.

5. What do you find "hot" in a man/woman? What is the first thing you notice about someone who is hot? Do you ever think of yourself as hot? I love a guy with great hair. I think it's because my first-ever crush was Michael Landon. (I don't actually remember this, but my mom reports that when I was pre-school aged, I would cry inconsolably whenever an evildoer invaded the Ponderosa and hurt Little Joe Cartwright.) I have had my "hot" moments.

6. Are you quick to anger? How do you react when you are angry or frustrated? What do you do to cool down? Yes, I am quick to anger. I can be rather sharp tongued. I need alone time to cool down. Vodka helps.

7. In your family, who is the least like the rest of you? Me. I sometimes feel like Marilyn Munster.

8. What are a few great books that you've taken along to the beach or on vacation in years past? If you aren't a big reader, what do you do to while away the lazy hours? This year I took Game Change on vacation with me. Last year, my vacation books were Ted Kennedy: The Dream that Never Died and Oxygen. This list makes it appear as though I'm not much on light beach reads, huh?

9. Do you like going outside during a thunderstorm and watching the lightening? No. I don't care much about thunderstorms one way or the other. Now snowstorms! I think those are awesome and beautiful to watch!


  1. Loved your Hawks post. Chicago and the Hawks needed that big. What's with us Cub fans anyways?

    Have a great day!

  2. I'm with you--I hate the heat and humidity. I don't know what the hell I'm doing living in Florida, LOL! BTW, I *LOVE* your new template--very cool.

  3. I shut down in the heat & humidity, too. Luckily it doesn't last too long here. Unfortunately, when it's occurring it feels like it lasts forever!

  4. Gal-
    I know I've told you how much my dad loves the Cubs. I always smile when you mention them. He watches every inning ogf every game. The standings do not matter. Even my Cubs crazed brother stops if it's hopeless in late August...