Friday, June 11, 2010

This was a first

I skipped work today because of a parade. I am not kidding. I could not get into the office because of a parade.

I began trying to cross Michigan Avenue to get to my office at about 9:45. I kept trying until after 10:00, walking up north, but barely making it a block. There were that many people waiting for the Black Hawks parade/rally already!

I asked an officer where I should go to cross Michigan Avenue. "You can't," he said simply.

"But I have to get to my office over there," I said, pointing at the way-tall building not far away in feet but very far away in terms of crush of humanity.

"You can't," he repeated. "We don't expect anybody to move outta here until 12:30."

"But my office closes at 12:30 on Fridays!" I said, as if a cop concerned with controlling two million Black Hawk fans cared about my agency's Summer Hours policy.

"Call your boss," he said, his eyes crinkling into a smile, "and tell him you can't get into the office by order of the Chicago Police Department."

I realized I had taken up too much of his time already and just stood there, people jostling me, trying to figure out what to do. A very nice man shook me out of my confusion by saying, "Yeah, call your boss. Want to use my phone?" He seemed thrilled to be helping me play hookey.

I thanked him but told him I had one of my own. Then I slooooowly worked my way over to the doorway of a not-yet-open steakhouse and called the office to ask if anyone needed me.

I had a hard time reaching anyone. Bet my coworkers were either stranded or out in the celebration. I left word with Ann, the only one I could find who told me being at the office for just 3 hours with a massive parade/rally going on right outside our windows was "a waste anyway" and advised me to go home.

Just so you can see what 2 freaking million people look like (double what the White Sox drew for their World Series celebration) and what I was stuck in, I included these photos from The Chicago Tribune.


  1. When I was out driving today, some guy had a road side stand where he was selling Flyers stuff cheap.

  2. Holy moly! The state of Maine has just over two million people in it. I'm always staggered by such large crowds.