Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sometimes ...

As introduced by Snarkela:

The “Sometimes” Meme: All you have to do is finish the sentence…

Sometimes I just need: to have a quick touchpoint with my best friend.

Sometimes I want: everyone to do what I want them to do!

Sometimes I like to: just blab with my mom on the phone

Sometimes all it takes: is a walk, wearing my headphones, looking at the sky through the trees (or, now that it's fall, through the branches)

Sometimes I picture: myself in 15 or 20 years. Which Golden Girl will I be most like? Dorothy, I know.

Sometimes I wish: I had as much focus domestically as I do professionally.

Sometimes I find: times races by faster each day.

Sometimes I take: a really long look at my complexion in the magnifying mirror. At least that hard work has paid off!

Sometimes I look: for that crazy guy from the train platform who went off on me way back last March. I really hate how much space he takes up in my head.

Sometimes I hate: that things are so terribly divisive in this country. (Snarkypants' answer, and it's just right for me, too.)

Sometimes it’s nice: to just soak in the tub.

Sometimes it hurts: when I think of how much I'll miss special people in my life.

Sometimes it makes me happy: to just be grateful.

Sometimes it’s sad: that I don't feel wiser or more sophisticated by the time I'm this age.

Sometimes I listen: to Sir Paul, just to remind me of who I've been and who I am. He's the soundtrack of my life.

Sometimes I sleep: by just dozing off on the couch. Then I wake up hours later!

Sometimes I like to watch: Nancy Grace. That madwoman just cracks me up. Especially when she talks about "the twins."

Sometimes I feel: like my home is being engulfed by paper. How can this be? We're moving toward a paperless society! Will someone please tell the piles of mail on my diningroom table and the magazines on, under and beside the coffee table?

Sometimes I rant: while taking a shower.

Sometimes I never: believe I'll finish the books in my TBR pile.

Sometimes I really: get desperately sad for no real reason.


  1. That was a good one, wasn't it? :-) These are neat for seeing a snapshot of where we are right now. Fun to look back on.


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