Monday, November 09, 2009

Movie Monday -- Life Changers

What movies had such an impact that they caused a change in our behavior, beliefs, or exposed us to a new passion?

The Way We Were (1973). For all my classmates, HE was the main attraction, and it's easy to see why. I don't think Redford has ever looked so good. But that was part of why this movie had such an enormous impact on me. He was better looking, more talented, more popular ... and, in the final analysis, quite the scumbag. She, on the other hand, was abrasive, noisy, idiosyncratic, and, in the final analysis, happier. Barbra Streisand gave me permission. She showed by example that I could be an outsider who marched to my own drummer and still get the guy -- if only for a little while. And if he can't handle all that goes with being with ME, as I am, maybe he's not worth being with.

If you happen to run into Streisand, thank her for me.

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  1. I really want to see "The Way We Were". Everytime I see it's on tv, I've not had a chance to watch it.

  2. I love that show, and your post was interesting. my Monday movie

  3. *swoon* I love this movie.

  4. I enjoyed hearing about how empowering Babs made you. Great choice - and not just because of Robert Redford ;0)


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