Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Tunes

It's November and this month is about giving thanks, tell us a few of the musical things that you are thankful for, be it albums, shows you've seen, electronics you've bought etc. Whatever has made your musical life better in the last year.

This year it's been all about Amy. It took me a while (too long) to get into her because her life is such a tabloid-magnet/train wreck. But I love her voice, her lyrics and her sensibility. I love Frank and Back to Black is on right now and my favorite songs are "F-Me Pumps" and "Tears Dry on My Own." I hope she gets it together and keeps it together and makes more music soon.

To play along yourself, click here.


  1. I like Amy as well.. don't listen to her as much as I used to but whenever I do I remember how good she is..

  2. I worry that she's damaged her gift too much. I want more.

  3. I am very gratful for Amy Winehouse, Ilove her lately though I am very grateful for Regina Spektor and Sara Barielles...


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